Board of Directors

The Breeders' Cup Board of Directors directs the affairs of Breeders' Cup Limited, a 501(c)(6) organization. There are 14 Directors on the Breeders' Cup Board. Directors are elected by the Breeders' Cup Members, a body of 48 individuals, 39 of whom are elected by the Breeders' Cup Nominators. Elections for Directors are held annually, and are staggered with three or four positions up for election each year. Each Director serves a four-year term. The Board Chairman and the Vice Chairman are elected by the Directors. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman serve two year terms with a limit of two consecutive two-year terms.

  • William S. Farish, Jr. William S. Farish, Jr. (Chairman)
  • Barbara Banke Barbara Banke
  • Antony R. Beck Antony R. Beck (Vice Chairman)
  • Bobby Flay Bobby Flay
  • Craig Fravel Craig Fravel
  • Fred Hertrich Fred W. Hertrich III
  • Roy Jackson Roy Jackson
  • Bret Jones Bret Jones
  • Clem Murphy Clem Murphy
  • Bill Oppenheim Bill Oppenheim
  • Dan Pride Dan Pride
  • J. David Richardson J. David Richardson
  • Mike Rogers Mike Rogers
  • Elliott Walden Elliott Walden

Breeders' Cup Limited Members

  • Barbara Banke
  • Antony Beck
  • Craig Bernick
  • Boyd Browning
  • Carter Carnegie
  • Bill Casner
  • Doug Cauthen
  • Hernan Ceriani Cernadas
  • Case Clay
  • W.S. Farish
  • William S. Farish, Jr.
  • Bobby Flay
  • H. Greg Goodman
  • S. Walker Hancock, Jr.
  • Carlos Heller
  • Fred W. Hertrich, III
  • Roy Jackson
  • Dr. Andreas Jacobs
  • Brereton C. Jones
  • Bret Jones
  • John T.L. Jones, III
  • Solomon Kumin
  • Michael T. Levy
  • Tom Ludt
  • W. Bruce Lunsford
  • Anthony Manganaro
  • Clem Murphy
  • Maria Niarchos-Gouaze
  • David O’Farrell
  • Bill Oppenheim
  • Garrett O’Rourke
  • James A. Philpott, Jr.
  • Dan Pride
  • Dr. J. David Richardson
  • Mike Rogers
  • Tom Ryan
  • Bernie Sams
  • Alex Solis II
  • Oliver Tait
  • W. Elliott Walden
  • Barry Weisbord
  • Bradley Weisbord
  • Aron Wellman
  • David S. Willmot

Honorary Members and Past Presidents

James E. (Ted) Bassett III

D.G. Van Clief Jr.

Greg Avioli

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