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2017 Participants

Player Entry Method
Greg Abel Buy-in
Greg Abel Buy-in
Pete Acocella HorsePlayers.com
Ali Aksoy Qualified Live (Woodbine)
John Allunario Qualified Live (Del Mar)
John Allunario Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Craig Amundson HorsePlayers.com
Ray Arsenault Qualified Live (NHC)
Ali Turan Askoy Buy-in
Vaughn Bair HorsePlayers.com
Peter Behr HorsePlayers.com
Greg Bone Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Tom Boyd HorsePlayers.com
Blaise Brucato Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Blaise Brucato Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Robert Buck HorsePlayers.com
David Burke HorsePlayers.com
Robin Buser HorsePlayers.com
Jeff Bussan HorsePlayers.com
Todd Cady HorsePlayers.com
Eugene Cahalan BCQualify.com
Thomas Camann Qualified Live (Laurel Park)
James Casey HorsePlayers.com
Roger Cettina HorsePlayers.com
Roger Cettina Qualified Live (Monmouth)
Jennifer Chenvert HorsePlayers.com
Jennifer Chenvert HorsePlayers.com
Brian Chenvert HorsePlayers.com
Robert Childress HorsePlayers.com
Monte Christensen Buy-in
George Chute Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
James Connors HorsePlayers.com
Kevin Cox Buy-in
Dan Cronin Buy-in
Robert Crowe HorsePlayers.com
Jim Daraklis HorsePlayers.com
Tim Darnell Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Mark Deaton Qualified Live (Churchill Downs)
John Demartino Buy-in
Vincent Depalo HorsePlayers.com
Basil DeVito HorsePlayers.com
Basil DeVito HorsePlayers.com
Michael Doheny Qualified Live (Gulfstream)
Peter Dresens HorsePlayers.com
Edward Enborg HorsePlayers.com
Chris Ewing Buy-in
Nicholas Fazzolari HorsePlayers.com
Mark Feld Buy-in
Robert Felty HorsePlayers.com
Mike Ferrozzo Qualified Live (Hawthorne)
Eddie Fitzsimmons Qualified Live (Monmouth)
Dan Flanagan Buy-in
Randy Gallo Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Tim Gasaway HorsePlayers.com
Robert Gilbert BCQualify.com
Sally Goodall BCQualify.com
Sally Goodall BCQualify.com
Marshall Gramm Qualified Live (Keeneland)
David Gutfreund BCQualify.com
Rocky Hardy HorsePlayers.com
Steve Hartshorn Qualified Live (Del Mar)
James Henry Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
James Henry HorsePlayers.com
Brian Herrity Qualified Live (KDBC)
Connie Hoetger Buy-in
Jeff Hogue Buy-in
Mickey Hopkins Qualified Live (Del Mar)
James House Buy-in
George Howard Buy-in
Paul Hughes Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Jon Hurd Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Eric Israel HorsePlayers.com
Eric Israel HorsePlayers.com
Blake Jessee Qualified Live (Churchill Downs)
Jeffery Joffrion HorsePlayers.com
Daniel Johnson HorsePlayers.com
Brent Johnson Qualified Live (Woodbine)
Joe Johnson HorsePlayers.com
Brian Johnson HorsePlayers.com
Kenneth Jordan HorsePlayers.com
Lawrence Kahlden HorsePlayers.com
Jonathon Kinchen Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Kenneth King Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Joe Kramer Qualified Live (Keeneland)
David Kramer Buy-in
Brian Kubik Qualified Live (Canterbury Park)
Emily Kyrillou Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Philip Lam Qualified Live (Laurel Park)
Phil Lam Qualified Live (Monmouth)
David Lanzman Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Chris Littlemore Qualified Live (Woodbine)
Edward Louis Buy-in
Nick Maiuri Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Anthony Maltera HorsePlayers.com
John Manni Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Frank Maresca HorsePlayers.com
Anthony Mattera HorsePlayers.com
David McCarty Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Faron McCubbins Qualified Live (Belmont Challenge)
Faron McCubbins Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Kevin McFarland Qualified Live (KDBC)
Frank McGoey Qualified Live (KDBC)
Patrick McGoey HorsePlayers.com
Mike McIntyre Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Stephen McNatton HorsePlayers.com
Stephen McNatton HorsePlayers.com
Steven Meier HorsePlayers.com
Richard Meister Buy-in
James Metzger HorsePlayers.com
Ming Meyer HorsePlayers.com
Matthew Miller Buy-in
Wes Mitchell Buy-in
Don Monich HorsePlayers.com
Bob Montgomery HorsePlayers.com
Eric Moomey Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Eric Moomey Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Dane Moore HorsePlayers.com
Rene Morety Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Ken Morrison Buy-in
Mark Mostaffa Buy-in
Ryan Mueller HorsePlayers.com
Ryan Mueller HorsePlayers.com
Douglas Nachman Qualified Live (KDBC)
David Nance Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Will Nefzger Qualified Live (Arlington International)
David Nelson HorsePlayers.com
Steve Nemetz HorsePlayers.com
GT Nixon HorsePlayers.com
Pat Nufrio Qualified Live (NHC)
Rocco O'Connor Qualified Live (Churchill Downs)
James Ough Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Joe Perry Qualified Live (Monmouth)
Edward Peters BCQualify.com
Ed Peters Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Joe Pettit HorsePlayers.com
Joe Pettit HorsePlayers.com
Menas Philippides BCQualify.com
Eric Pineiro HorsePlayers.com
Christopher Podratz Qualified Live (Laurel Park - The Big One)
Frank Polk HorsePlayers.com
Russell Priola HorsePlayers.com
Jose Raphael Buy-in
Michael Ray BCQualify.com
Edward Reidy HorsePlayers.com
Bernard Reilly HorsePlayers.com
Bill Rendino Qualified Live (Monmouth)
Matthew Rentze HorsePlayers.com
Ronnie Rhouse HorsePlayers.com
James Riley BCQualify.com
James Riley HorsePlayers.com
Ed Robinson Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Linda Rodriguez Top Finisher - 1st Half of NHC
Michael Rosen Buy-in
Charlie Runion Buy-in
Patrick Runyan Top Finisher - 1st Half of NHC
Jesus Sahagun HorsePlayers.com
Robert Schneider HorsePlayers.com
Robert Schneider HorsePlayers.com
James Settle Buy-in
Bill Shurman BCQualify.com
Paul Shurman Qualified Live (Monmouth)
Forine Sima Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Garett Skiba Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Garett Skiba Qualified Live (Gulfstream)
David Snyder BCQualify.com
Vic Stauffer HorsePlayers.com
Vic Stauffer Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Frank Story HorsePlayers.com
Peter Strauss Buy-in
Michael Sussman HorsePlayers.com
Mike Sylvester HorsePlayers.com
Stephen Thompson Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Bob Traynor Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Robert Traynor HorsePlayers.com
Jim Trepinski HorsePlayers.com
Anthony Trezza HorsePlayers.com
Anthony Trezza HorsePlayers.com
Matthew Trommer HorsePlayers.com
James Tunick Qualified Live (Hawthorne)
Robert Turner HorsePlayers.com
Steve Turner BCQualify.com
Robert Turner HorsePlayers.com
John Ukleja HorsePlayers.com
Rick Vasquez Qualified Live (NHC)
Jennifer Viens HorsePlayers.com
Leo Vukmanovich Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Alistar Wallbaum HorsePlayers.com
Shadron Walton Buy-in
Jeffery Ward BCQualify.com
Earl Watts HorsePlayers.com
David Watts HorsePlayers.com
David Watts HorsePlayers.com
Paul Weizer Buy-in
Sarah Wiener HorsePlayers.com
David Wilganowski BCQualify.com
Dan Wilde HorsePlayers.com
Joel Wincowski BCQualify.com
Mike Yurczyk Top Finisher - 1st Half of NHC
Tony Zhou Qualified Live (Belmont Challenge)
Tony Zhou Qualified Live (Santa Anita)