2017 Participants

2018 Participants

Player Entry Method
Adam Aiken Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Jim Benes Qualified Live (Hawthorne)
Doug Bredar Qualified Live (Churchill Downs)
Karen Carey Qualified Live (Belmont Stakes Challenge)
Scott Carson Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Chris Collins HorsePlayers.com
Brian Conley Qualified Live (Laurel Park)
Terry Cook NHC Tour (2nd Half Leader)
Nathaniel Crumsey HorsePlayers.com
Darren Dalucia Qualified Live (Santa Anita/Gulfstream)
Peter Deys HorsePlayers.com
Peter Deys HorsePlayers.com
Jason Duncan Qualified Live (Churchill Downs)
Bob Engelhard Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Nick Fazzolari NHC Tour (2nd Half Leader)
Lou Filoso Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Kyle Fitzgerald Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Michael Gotkin HorsePlayers.com
Robert Graham HorsePlayers.com
Frank Gryboski Jr. HorsePlayers.com
Allen Harberg Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
Rocky Hardy HorsePlayers.com
Christian Hellmers Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Christian Hellmers Qualified Live (Del Mar)
David Herberholz HorsePlayers.com
Tyler Hoffman HorsePlayers.com
William Holmes 2018 NHC (Best Day 2 Score)
Jeff Joffrion HorsePlayers.com
Kevin Jones HorsePlayers.com
John Kimove Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Jonathon Kinchen Qualified Live (Del Mar)
William Koch Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
Philip Lam NHC Tour (2nd Half Leader)
Derek Lapikas HorsePlayers.com
Chris Littlemore 2018 NHC Champion
Wendy Long HorsePlayers.com
Tom Maloof Qualified Live (Belmont Stakes Challenge)
Tom Maloof Qualified Live (Mohegan Sun)
Patrick McGoey Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
Frank McGoey Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
Stephen McNatton HorsePlayers.com
Stephen McNatton HorsePlayers.com
Jim Meeks Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Jim Meeks HorsePlayers.com
Jim Metzger Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Dennis Montoro Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Eric Moomey First Half of NTRA Tour Leader
Eric Moomey Qualified Live (Santa Anita)
Christy Moore Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Shane Muscarello HorsePlayers.com
Frank Mustari Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Mark Myrick HorsePlayers.com
George Nixon HorsePlayers.com
Eddie Olczyk Qualified Live (Pegasus World Cup)
Peter Osella HorsePlayers.com
Ed Osterhout NHC Tour (2nd Half Leader)
Ronald Peltz HorsePlayers.com
Ed Peters HorsePlayers.com
Chris Podratz Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Dan Richards HorsePlayers.com
Robert Rosette HorsePlayers.com
Robert Rosette HorsePlayers.com
Michael Ryan 2018 NHC (Day One Leader)
Kenny Schmitt HorsePlayers.com
Howard Schwartz HorsePlayers.com
Jim Sebes NHC Tour (2nd Half Leader)
Ken Seeman Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Dan Shugar HorsePlayers.com
Paul Shurman First Half of NTRA Tour Leader
Florin Sima Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Garrett Skiba HorsePlayers.com
Charles Still HorsePlayers.com
Mark Streiff Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Ross Szlasa Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Tanya Taylor HorsePlayers.com
Stephen Thompson Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Anthony Trezza HorsePlayers.com
Evan Trommer Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
Evan Trommer HorsePlayers.com
Bob Turner HorsePlayers.com
Steven Turner HorsePlayers.com
Rick Vasques HorsePlayers.com
Jim Videtic Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Gary West Qualified Live (Del Mar)
Robert Wicklein Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
Brett Wiener HorsePlayers.com
Sarah Wiener HorsePlayers.com
Dan Wilde HorsePlayers.com
Russell Wilkes First Half of NTRA Tour Leader
Kevin Willett Qualified Live (Monmouth Park)
Gary Wright Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Tim Yohler Qualified Live (Keeneland)
Timothy Yohler Qualified Live (KDBC - Churchill Downs)
James Zaccagnino HorsePlayers.com
Tim Zacharias HorsePlayers.com