At the Breeders' Cup, fashion is a huge part of the fun! With two full days of the best races and the best parties, dressing your best each day is a must. Women wear elegant dresses and show off their finest fascinators and stunning hats, and men wear suits or tailored sport coats and a classic fedora. Don’t be upstaged, dress the part and have fun! And remember, “A head without a hat is like a horse without a jockey!”

Christine A. Moore, Official Milliner of the 2015 Breeders' Cup

Christine A. Moore

Christine A. Moore founded Christine A. Moore Millinery in NYC in1994. Making appearances on the TODAY show for the past five years and working closely with America's Best Racing and other well-known companies to help highlight fashion at many tracks throughout the country, Christine has brought the art of millinery to life through her distinctive style, her attention to detail and her unsurpassed skills. Her hats have graced many magazine covers and one hat is even in the Kentucky Derby Museum. Her wide range of styles, quality and comfort has made her one of the top hat designers in the U.S., praised for her amazing unique racing and event hats.

Each hat Christine designs starts as a still sketch, to ensure every piece is unique and realized before beginning to build. When those sketches come to life, they are begging to be worn. From start to finish, Christine strives to make every piece come alive and to create the best product possible. And as the Queen of Hats, there was no better fashion partner for the Breeders' Cup.

Christine's hats will be worn throughout Keeneland on Oct 30 and Oct 31 and will be sold at the track. In the meantime, you can order hats at the Breeders’ Cup shop or see her website at to pre-order any of her styles.


From VIP parties to fashion contests, the Breeders' Cup hosts a full schedule of festivities. The races are just the beginning.


Don’t miss your chance to see, and be seen with, the VIP crowd as you watch the world’s finest race horses compete on the track.

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