At the Breeders' Cup, fashion is a huge part of the fun! With two full days of the best races and the best parties, dressing your best each day is a must. Women wear elegant dresses and show off their finest fascinators and stunning hats, and men wear suits or tailored sport coats and a classic fedora. Don’t be upstaged, dress the part and have fun! And remember, “A head without a hat is like a horse without a jockey!”

Christine A. Moore, Official Milliner of the 2014 Breeders' Cup

Christine A. Moore

Christine A. Moore founded Christine A. Moore Millinery in NYC in1994. Making appearances on the TODAY show for the past five years and working closely with America's Best Racing and other well-known companies to help highlight fashion at many tracks throughout the country, Christine has brought the art of millinery to life through her distinctive style, her attention to detail and her unsurpassed skills. Her hats have graced many magazine covers and one hat is even in the Kentucky Derby Museum. Her wide range of styles, quality and comfort has made her one of the top hat designers in the U.S., praised for her amazing unique racing and event hats.

Each hat Christine designs starts as a still sketch, to ensure every piece is unique and realized before beginning to build. When those sketches come to life, they are begging to be worn. From start to finish, Christine strives to make every piece come alive and to create the best product possible. And as the Queen of Hats, there was no better fashion partner for the Breeders' Cup.

Christine's hats will be worn throughout the track on Oct 31 and Nov 1 and will be sold at the track and at the Langham and Westin hotels. In the meantime, you can order hats at the Breeders’ Cup shop or see her website at to pre-order any of her styles.

Christine's What to Wear Tips

It is hard to upstage the picturesque mountains that frame historic Santa Anita Park but Breeders’ Cup fashion does just that! Hats and sophisticated daytime dressing are the norm, and elegant and hip evening dress is a must. Use the fall season to make a bold statement with color and fabrics and use the event as an excuse to splurge on your best outfits of 2014. Have fun, be adventurous and don't be afraid to attract a little attention. The cameras will love you!


For men, add an extra touch of class to a simple suit or a nice sport coat and pants with a striking long or bow tie. Add a pocket square for a handsome touch of color. A classic chic dress is a woman's best option - solid colors with fabric treatment like draping, pleats, a jacquard, or a textured lace is a great option. And with all that the Breeders' Cup has going on in the infield and around town; a wedge style shoe may be a woman's best friend. Also, since the hottest colors for fall are dark fuchsia and purple (Breeders' Cup signature hue), we expect to see a lot of this color. Other colors that are hot are navy & royal, brown & brandy, and greens and teals.

Dressing to impress is part of the "West Coast Derby" experience, which warrants more elegant fashion attire than Kentucky's annual horse race - less southern belle-ish and more refined and tailored.


Breeders’ Cup is all a bout the “fascinator” and fedoras. Women should consider a chic fascinator or even a “hatinator”. A “hatinator” is a short crowned full sized hat on a headband, and since hatinators will once again be the rage, try this unique blend of a hat and a fascinator, and get the size of a medium brim hat and the light airiness of a fascinator. Men should play with fresh takes on the popular stingy-brim fedora. Wear it up in the front for that jazz look or down for the classic Sinatra look.

A day at horse racing is the ultimate fashion’s day out. And whether you’re male or female, the Breeders’ Cup always calls for supreme dressing. As you decide what to wear for this year’s event, make sure to follow the current trends while having the utmost sophistication and elegance in mind. But always remember, something within your wardrobe has to set you apart from others.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind as you decide what to wear. Aside from shading the sun and catching the photographer’s eye for your purple carpet moment, a hatted head looks hip from anywhere within the park. With the recent popularity of the stingy brim fedora, men’s hats are having more resurgence on both the racing and the fashion fronts, while women are recently sporting more elegant hats and fascinators. Whatever look you go with, be sure to join in on the fun.

As you prepare to make a statement and choose your own unique look for this year’s race, keep in mind the darker, jewel toned colors of fall and the naturally stunning backdrop of Santa Anita. A perfect balance!

So whether you’re styling yourself or your family, don’t be afraid to step up the fashion trends this fall and help make the Breeders’ Cup take on it’s own unique style. Be confident, have fun and experiment. The Breeders’ Cup is the place to do it!

Men's Fashion

Breeders' Cup Men Fashion

As you experiment with your own fashion sense and style for this year’s event, always ask yourself what your attire says about your personality. Starting with your basic dress, a slight-wool or rayon suit and a fedora is a tradition of the Breeders’ Cup. However, a nice sports coat and pants will also work, as long as the fabric is comfortable and suitable for the Santa Anita weather. If you’re looking to add more class to your outfit, try a bow tie and even a pocket square.

And if you really want to express yourself, put some thought into your hat. For men, proper fit is important and hats should fit squarely and comfortably on your head. Think about a good straw like a panama for the Santa Anita warm weather. The width of the hat is equally important as it shapes your face and cheekbones. You want the crown of your hat to be wider than your cheekbones. If you are tall, go for a taller crown and a wider brim. If you are short, go for the smaller brim and a crown that complements your face shape. Then, ask yourself how bold you want to be. If you don’t think your look is complete, place your hat on an angle to proclaim your distinctive style.

This year, the signature Breeders’ Cup colors of purple, brown, gold and white are not only in fashion, but can also add sophistication and brilliance to any look. Use brown, gold, white or even black as your neutral base colors. To polish your authentic look, work in some purple as your accent color.

Women's Fashion

Breeders' Cup Women's Fashion

The Breeders’ Cup is two full days of racing, standing, cheering and more importantly, partying. So, your appearance should be elegance to the nines and comfortable!

Starting with your overall look, a dress is your best option. Without being too casual, try a lower key dress and use accessories to make your own statement. Keep the dress to a solid color, or a tone on tone print like a jacquard, and let the detail in the cut of the dress do all the work for you. Also look for dresses with fabric manipulation like pleats, ruffles and bows. Shift and A-line cuts with the length just above the knee are perfect, and sleeveless or cap sleeves will keep you cool in the hot California sun.

While the dress you choose may be clean cut, being bold with your hat will allow you to express your individuality. In comparison to other races, hats at the Breeders’ Cup are clean and orderly with elegant trim, but with bold, strong lines and cleanliness. Remember, there is a hat that looks good on any face, just be sure to choose the right shape for your face, and the right fabric and trim to compliment your dress or suit. And for every face, asymmetry is always best. Here are a few tips to help you make the right hat choice. Taller women look great in broad and medium brims as well as fascinators and hatinators. Shorter women should consider medium to small brims with a taller crown or a fascinator. To elongate your figure, always leave space between your shoulders and the hat.

To pull together your entire look, don’t be afraid to play on the signature Breeders’ Cup colors as well as the colors of Fall like burgundy, charcoal, teal, dark fuchsia, gold and orange. As you prepare for the Breeders’ Cup, remember that this weekend calls for an elegance all it’s own. Make your fashion speak for itself, so be bold and make sure you’re ready for attention! Cue the photographers!

Longines Prize of Elegance and LA Mag’s Style and Beauty Lounge

Longines Prize of Elegance

Friday, October 31 & Saturday, November 1

Dress to impress at the Longines Prize of Elegance fashion event and you could win big. Style Editor Linda Immediato leads the panel of judges that will choose the most elegant man and woman of the 2014 Breeders’ Cup and award them each with a magnificent Longines watch. Enter the contest at the booth located adjacent to the Paddock below Sirona’s.

And don’t forget to break up the day in the new Style and Beauty Gifting Lounge where ladies of the Breeders’ Cup can sip on champagne and relax, as LA Magazine and local spa representatives get you red carpet ready with Breeders’ Cup inspired manicures and a makeup beauty bar.


From VIP parties to fashion contests, the Breeders' Cup hosts a full schedule of festivities. The races are just the beginning.


Don’t miss your chance to see, and be seen with, the VIP crowd as you watch the world’s finest race horses compete on the track.

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