Trackside Marquee

Experience the Championships from the redesigned Trackside Marquee. Enjoy upscale dining with gourmet luncheon and all-inclusive beer and wine. Witness the thunder of Champion horses as they enter the turn towards the finish line from your track level viewing deck!

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Experience the Championships from the extravagant Trackside Marquee! The new design and experience is second to none! Situated at the quarter pole (top of the stretch), the elegant Marquee offers glassed-in, climate-controlled dining with access to a covered viewing deck with commanding views of the race track and the breathtaking San Gabriel Mountains just beyond. Guests of the Trackside Marquee will enjoy gourmet luncheon buffet, all-inclusive beer and wine along with cash bar and cocktail service. Private mutuel tellers and numerous high-definition televisions will enhance the experience. Executive restrooms are private to Marquee guests.

Seating is available for a single day or both days. You may purchase single seats or an entire table.

Friday: $290 per seat

Saturday: $415 per seat

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