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Two Days Of World Fame And Fortune

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The world’s greatest have to start somewhere. And for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships, that somewhere was Hollywood Park in 1984. What began as a one day, 7-race event has grown into a two-day, $30 million extravaganza attracting the best horses, trainers, and owners from across the globe. It has also become the unofficial end and culmination of the thoroughbred-racing season, often with the Breeders’ Cup Classic being the deciding factor in Horse of the Year. And while these two days have seen legends born, history made, and fortunes won, the greatest part is that the best is still yet to come.

Breeders’ Cup Limited: Kentucky Office

215 W Main Street

Suite 250

Lexington, KY 40507

Fax: (859)-223-3945

Breeders’ Cup Limited: New York Office

40 East 52nd Street

15th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Fax: (212)-752-3039

Board of directors

  • Fred W. Hertrich III
  • Barbara Banke
  • Antony R. Beck
  • Alan Cooper
  • William S. Farish Jr
  • Craig Fravel
  • Walker Hancock
  • Bret Jones
  • Anthony Manganaro
  • Clem Murphy
  • Gavin Murphy
  • Mike Rogers
  • Alex Solis II
  • Elliott Walden

Breeders’ Cup Limited Members

Barbara Banke

Antony Beck

Gatewood Bell

Boyd Browning

Doug Cauthen

Case Clay

Alan Cooper

Everett Dobson

W.S. Farish

William S. Farish, Jr.

H. Greg Goodman

S. Walker Hancock, Jr.

Carlos Heller

Fred W. Hertrich, III

Dr. Andreas Jacobs

Brereton C. Jones

Bret Jones

Jak Knelman

Solomon Kumin

W. Bruce Lunsford

M.V. Magnier

Anthony Manganaro

Pope McLean, Jr.

Clem Murphy

Gavin Murphy

Maria Niarchos-Gouaze

David O’Farrell

Bill Oppenheim

Garrett O’Rourke

James A. Philpott, Jr.

Daisy Phipps Pulito

Mike Pons

Dan Pride

Dr. J. David Richardson

Mike Rogers

Jaime Roth

Tom Ryan

Bernie Sams

Alex Solis II

Oliver Tait

W. Elliott Walden

Barry Weisbord

Aron Wellman

Honorary Members & Past Presidents: 

  • James E. (Ted) Bassett III
  • D.G. Van Clief Jr.
  • Greg Avioli

Management Team

Executive Office

  • Craig Fravel
    President & CEO
  • Dora Delgado
    Executive Vice President, Racing & Nominations
  • Drew Fleming
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Racing & Nominations


Information Technology

Corporate Partnerships, Licensing & Merchandise

TV, Entertainment & Marketing

Public Relations

Ticketing & Horsemen Relations