Breeders' Cup Statement on Event Medication Policy

Breeders' Cup remains committed to the goal that the world's major international racing events, including the Breeders' Cup World Championships, should be conducted under the same rules and conditions with regard to race-day medication. We will continue to work constructively with stakeholders in the US and elsewhere, including potential host sites, racing commissions and horsemen's groups, toward that objective.

We were successful in implementing event-specific race conditions for 2012 and 2013 which prohibited race day administration of furosemide in Breeders' Cup two-year old races in cooperation with the CHRB, Santa Anita and the TOC. However, in evaluating host-site options for 2014, it became apparent that the race-day medication policy for 2014 would have to be consistent with rules in effect in any eligible host jurisdiction at the time of the event. The horsemen's groups in potential host jurisdictions indicated that they would withhold their approval of simulcast rights unless this was the case, jeopardizing our ability to conduct simulcast wagering on our event, and thus the event itself.

There has been good progress toward uniformity on model rules in the US over the last several months and the Breeders' Cup has endorsed that effort. To date, no racing jurisdiction in the US has established a policy eliminating the use of all race-day medications and none of our potential future host sites has been able to offer assurances that such an eventuality is likely in the near term.

We have committed to the TOC and CHRB to conduct data collection at our 2013 event and monitor the performance of the runners in the juvenile races which will be held absent race-day medication. We hope that the results of 2012 and 2013, while obviously a very small sample, along with voluntary efforts by others in the US on juvenile races, will further inform the discussion on this issue.

As a longstanding leader in the US racing industry on standards of safety, security, testing and integrity, Breeders' Cup remains committed to continuing working on best practices in these areas.

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