Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 23, 2014) — The Breeders’ Cup has announced that 35 individuals are on the ballot for the election of 23 Breeders’ Cup Members. On June 2, the Breeders’ Cup Election Web Site will open for the 2013 Breeders’ Cup foal and stallion nominators to begin the election process. Of the 35 candidates on the ballot, 17 are incumbent Members standing for re-election. The 20 individuals receiving the most votes will have terms of four years and the three persons receiving the next most votes will have terms of two years.

Members are elected every other year by Breeders’ Cup foal and stallion nominators through a proportional voting system based on the level of nominations paid to the organization. There are a total of 39 elected Breeders’ Cup Members. The Members meet each July for the election of individuals to the Breeders’ Cup Board of Directors, which oversees the activities of the organization.

The 35 candidates for the Members election are:

Helen Alexander*
John Amerman*
Antony R. Beck*
Craig Bernick
Carter Carnegie
Bill Casner*
Hernan Ceriani Cernadas
Case Clay*
Steve Davison
William S. Farish, Jr.*
Bobby Flay*
Thomas Gaines
H. Greg Goodman
Fred W. Hertrich III
G. Watts Humphrey, Jr.*
Roy Jackson*
Bret Jones*
Michael T. Levy*
Tom Ludt*
Patrick W. Madden
Robert T. Manfuso*
Anthony Manganaro
Kenneth G. McPeek
Garrett O'Rourke*
Ogden M. Phipps*
Dan Pride
Dale Romans
Tom Ryan
William J. Shively
Mark Stanley
Bill Strauss
Robert Trussell*
D. G. Van Clief
Bradley Weisbord
David S. Willmot*

*Denotes Member standing for re-election