Breeders' Cup Safety/Security Protocols

Out-of-Competition Testing

Out-of-competition testing will be performed on all Challenge winners and potential runners throughout the summer and fall and random follow-up testing on smaller samples will be performed within 24 hours of initial testing.

Breeders' Cup Condition of Entry

As a condition of entry for any Breeders’ Cup World Championships race, no horse within six months of the event shall test positive for any anabolic steroid or any other prohibited substance described under the ARCI prohibited substance list. Any horse testing positive for anabolic steroids or other ARCI prohibited substances in a Breeders’ Cup out-of-competition test sample during the six months prior to the event will be ineligible to participate in Breeders’ Cup World Championships.

Dirt and Turf Surface Testing

Testing of dirt and turf surfaces will be performed by Dr. Mick Peterson in conjunction with Santa Anita’s track superintendent throughout the year and during Breeders’ Cup Championship week.

TCO2 Testing

Pre-testing for TCO2 will be performed on all runners.


All runners must be on the grounds and checked in by equine security 72 hours before post time at which point equine security surveillance will begin and will continue 24 hours a day until the horse runs. A three part equine security team consisting of security officers, trained BC investigators and CHRB investigators will monitor all runners and keep security logs on all treatments, visitors and staff associated with the runner.

Veterinary Exams

Comprehensive veterinary exams will be performed all week long on runners, observing horses under tack on the track and in-stall and jogging. Exams will be performed multiple times by a team of impartial, regulatory Breeders’ Cup veterinarians in conjunction with with the CHRB veterinary team. These combined teams will also create and implement an injury management protocol for race days.

Post-Race Testing

Post-race testing will be performed on the first four finishers plus any additional runner selected by the Stewards. The post-race samples will undergo the most rigorous instrumental analysis at a fully accredited lab selected by the California Horse Racing Board. The results will be reconciled against a mass-spectral library of more than 1,500 Substances - inclusive of controlled therapeutic medications, banned substances, and a recently expanded anabolic steroid panel.

Trainer Compliance

No trainer found guilty of a Class 1 (A or B penalties) or Class 2 (A penalties) medication violation in the 12 months preceding the event will be allowed to participate. Any horse under his/her care will not be allowed to pre-enter unless transferred to another trainer of no relation. Any horse that has a Class 1 or 2 medication violation in the 12 months preceding the event will not be allowed to participate.

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