With a long list of betting options, it’s never taken so little to win so much. Don't miss your chance to share in the sport’s richest event, November 2 and 3.

Top Payouts

The Breeders' Cup World Championships have given us some of horse racing's biggest thrills – and biggest payouts, like the $2.7 million Pick Six payday back in 2003.


$2 Pick 6


$1 Superfecta


.50 Cent Pick 5

2018 Wagering Menu

View the wagering menu, guaranteed pools and bet minimums for the 2018 Breeders' Cup World Championships.

Special Daily Doubles

The Breeders’ Cup will once again offer special Daily Double wagering that links a Friday race to a Saturday race, with a $1 minimum.

Head2Head Wagering

The Breeders' Cup is adding seven Head2Head wagers to the wagering menu for 2018, with three offered Friday and four Saturday, providing bettors the opportunity to handicap intra-race matchups in the hopes of unearthing strong plays in a sports betting type of format.

$10 Sign Up Bonus

The TwinSpires $10 Sign Up Bonus, no deposit required, will set you on your way to enhancing an already big day. Signing up is easy, and we'll credit your new account with $10 to bet the races, no deposit required.

Where To Wager

Wagering on the Breeders’ Cup has never been easier. Simply head out to your local Breeders’ Cup simulcast outlet or log on with the Breeders’ Cup official online wagering partner, TwinSpires.com, and be ready to place your bets within minutes.

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How to Bet

Just like the races, the action at the betting window gets more intense towards the end. So if you’re a beginner, it’s best to avoid the rush of last minute bettors and go to the betting window early, shortly after the odds are posted for the upcoming race are posted. Of course, if you want to make another bet before the race starts, you certainly can.


Once you pick your horse, it’s time to place your wager. It’s important how you communicate your bet to the teller, so here’s what you should say, and the order in which you should say it:

Race Number

Let the teller know which race you'd like to wager on.

Amount You Want to Bet

Minimum for Win, Place, and Show bets is normally $2. Exotic Bets usually start at $1.

Type of Bet

Win, Exacta, Pick Three, etc.

Number of the Horse

Use the horse's number, not the name of the horse.

Learn the Lingo

Your horse must finish first.
Your horse must finish first or second.
Your horse mush finish first, second or third.
Bet the horses that come in first and second in the EXACT order.
Exacta Box
If you have two or more horses that you think will finish in the top spots but you’re not sure of the exact order, you can box them. For example, if you think horse #3 will win and horse #4 will place, but the opposite happens (#4 wins and #3 places) you can still collect on your bet.
Bet the first three finishes of a race in the EXACT order.
Trifecta Box
Bet the first three finishes of a race in any order.
Bet the first four finishers of a race in the EXACT order.
Superfecta Box
Bet the first four finishers of a race in any order.
Bet the winners of two consecutive designated races.
Pick Three
Bet the winners of three consecutive races.
Pick Four
Bet the winners of four consecutive races.
Pick Six
Bet the winners of six consecutive designated races.